Ancient Technologies and cultures - Paleo Seti - Search for extraterrestrial Technologies in the past.


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Paleo Seti archaeology and trips to ancient places
I would like to take you along to some ancient archeological sites and places I have visited over the years. I'm sure you will know some of the places from movies and TV, but maybe you will also encounter places you never heard before.

It would be my greatest joy if I enourage you to visit those places yourself. Go there and draw your own conclusions. Don't believe blindly in everything books tell you no author ever tells you the full story. 

Please check back here once in a while as I will add new places all the time.

Please click on the map of the world below. You can click on a continent that interest you and you will get in a sub-menu were you can choose countries etc. So far I have Europe and the Americas online..

Trips I have been on so far:

Reisen von 1985 - 1990 (nur aufgezaehlt): Greece (Crete, 2xSamos, 2xRhodes), 10xItaly, 8x Tunesia, Israel, Sweden, Iceland, Canary Islands, Canada, USA, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark.

Summer 1991: 14 days England, Scotland, Orkney Islands.
Summer 1993: 21 days England, Schotland, Island of Skye
Summer 1994:
14 days France
Summer 1995: 21 days France, Carnac, Gavrinis etc.
Summer 1997: 4 weeks England, Scotland, Outer Hebrides (Callanish etc.)
Spring 1998: 2 weeks South Africa
Fall 1998: Immigration to Canada
Winter 2000
: 10 days New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is highly recommended for everybody that is interested in Paleo-Seti 
Spring 2001
: 10 days Mexico, Yucatan. Tulum, Chichen Itza, Coba.
Spring/Summer 2002
: Expeditions to the dolmens and megaliths of Nova Scotia, Kanada
Herbst 2002: 6 weeks USA. New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.
Herbst 2003:
New England, USA. Visit of "America's Stonehenge".
Spring 2004: 3 weeks Peru, Bolivia. Focus: Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, Nazca, Tiahuanacu.

April 2005: Mexico, Teothiuacan, Chichen Itza, Palenque
May 2009: 2 weeks Peru. Focus: Nazca (Palpa Lines), Saqsayhuaman