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The dolmen and megalithic structures of
Nova Scotia, Canada

I think the megalithic strutures of North America are an archaeological sensation that is deliberatly ignored by offical archaeologists. In 2002 I came across hints that there are such structures in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia, Canada where I lived at the time. I was able to do research and photograph those structures until 2007.

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{short description of image} The Dolmen "Sibley-Rock"
The Dolmen "Kidston-Lake"
{short description of image} The Dolmen "Admirals Park"
{short description of image} The Dolmen "Roachs Pond"
Big Hill Dolmen
The Dolmen and megalithic
walls of "Big Hill"
Big Hill Mauern
Spring 2003 I had a little TV appearance on CBC (Canadian broadcasting corportation) television.