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About this website

This website has been started in 1999, as of this writing 15 years ago. A lot has changed in website technology since then. Yet, is still made available only in plain HTML. The reason for this is simple. I want to make the website available for the broadest audience possible all over the world.

About the author

My name is Herbert Eisengruber, born 1973 in Germany. I became interested in the Ancient Astronaut theory when I was 15 years old. At this time I had strange questions for my catholic religion teacher which - in his opinion - a 15 year old should not ask. Encouraged by my father, I read a book by Erich von Daniken which answered a lot of the questions I had. Later, when I turned 18 and had my first vehicle I started to explore Europe as I wanted to see the places described in von Daniken's books myself.
While many of my friends spent their spare time partying and drinking - as most 18 year olds do -, I visited as many museums and ancient places as I could find.

England 1991
Stonehenge 1991

I became a member of the Ancient Astronaut Society (AAS) in 1989 and attended many AAS One-day meetings in Germany as well as the Ancient Astronaut Society's World conference in Bern, Switzerland in1995. I remember vividly that - being still a student - I just had enough money to pay for the fuel to drive from Munich to Bern and the entrance fee for the ticket for the conference. I had no money for a hotel, so I spend two nights in my car, eating bologne sandwiches.

The same year I graduated from the renowned College of Graphic Design, Photography and Print in Munich, Germany with a Bachelors degree. I worked for a Graphic design company in Munich, providing me with a first steady income.

During the mid 1990's I started to build an electronic database of PaleoSeti related materials for my personal use. Today in 2019 the database contains over 300GB of images, articles, movies, books and texts and is still growing. Today's modern devices enable me to carry this database in my pocket.

1998 I immigrated to Canada and I opened my own graphic design and photography studio in Nova Scotia.
In 1999 I started which is by now one of the longest continuously running websites dealing with the Ancient Astronaut Theory on the Internet. This year - 2014 - the website celebrates it's 15th birthday!

2003 I met my lovely wife Beth and we got married in 2006. Ever since then we explore the world and the ancient mysteries together.

Herbert Eisengruber
Among the ruins of
Puma Punku (Tiahuanacu) in Bolivia in 2004

In 2007 I sold my business only keeping the photography part and we moved to beautiful Calgary, Alberta. Tired of working in front of the computer all day and dealing with clients that want webpages changed at 2:00am in the morning, I made a radical career change for the medical field and I work in a medical laboratory for the Province of Alberta while being a photographer on the side. Check out more of my photography at
I won several awards with my photography and many of my photos have been published in books, magazines, on TV and on the Internet.

My wife and I on a "mission" in Quito, Ecuador, 2013

In the future I hope to visit many more places with my wife and maybe publish a book about my theories and findings.

If you have any questions, praise or critisism, please don't hesitate to drop me an email. I do my best to respond in a timely manner.