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Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire. Nowadays Cusco is known as one of the most beautiful cities of South America. Indeed, Cusco is beautiful and - what's more - highly interesting for everybody interested in Paleoseti.
High above Cusco is the ancient Inca fortress of
Saqsayhuaman, with some of the most amazing stoneworks on the planet.

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In Cusco a lot of the buildings in the old town still have the Inca walls as a foundation. The Spanish built there structures on top of these amazing walls after they destroyed most of the Inca buildings. The stones of the Inca walls are fit into each other so precisely, that not even a knife blade will fit between the groves.
Here you see the famous "stone with the 12 corners". It shows impressively the fantastic skills of Inca stone masonry.
It is just fascinating to take a day and wander through the old part of Cusco and admire the Inca walls. But travelers that arrive from Lima should take care and get acclimatised well! Cuczo's altitude is about 2500m and altitude sickness sets in very easily.
This is the ancient convent of "Santo Domingo". The Spaniards built it on the most important Inca building. The "Temple of the sun". During the big earthquake of 1950 a big part of the Spanish building crumbled and revealed the older Inca walls. Those walls can now be seen inside the convent. Please click here to see photos of this amazing place.