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A copy of a jet engine in a museum in Peru, Peru? Misunderstood technology?

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Copyright notices, that I gathered here.

What could that be? This curious object looks like it is made out of silver or stainless steel.
It reminds me of an exhaust of some sort.
I would appreciate suggestions for explanations...

Update: I got very interesting input from reader
Holger Isenberg who writes:
"It could be a reconstruction of resonance jet engine. Those are available with uncontrolled valves or valve free. See here:
Exactly this type of engine would be built by engineers who stranded on a planet with a lot of knowledge but little equipment. Or human astronauts who survived a catastrophy and return back to earth after a few years from a space station. I would build something like this even if I couldn't return to where I came from with it, just because I could impress the locals with noise and the fire it could produce. :-)"
Update: In 2009 my wife and I were able to find more of those curious objects in a lesser known museum in Lima.